National Education Board of Nepal is regulator of higher secondary education in Nepal. Before known as HSEB i.e. Higher Secondary Education Nepal, overlooks the examinations and results of class 10, 11 and 12.

HSEB was dismissed according to the education act 2073 B.S, Nepal. National Education Board was formed to fulfill and overtake the responsibilities. For example school license regulation, scholarships, syllabus formulations. Along with these responsibilities, this board’s main goal is to develop and regulate best examination system.

Result Grading System in Nepal

Since 2073 B.S, Education board of Nepal has implemented the universal grading system. Before result system was based on percentage. With grading system being implemented, result from class 10 till 12 has changed. Please consider the following table to get a clear picture of grading system.

With reference to this picture above. A+ is highest grade equal to grade point 4 whereas E is the lowest representing insufficient. Total of six alphabets are in grading system corresponding to the percentage obtained by a student.

How to check NEB Result?

Simple answer for this question will be the official website of NEB. But due to overloaded servers of the board, results are passed on to other governmental servers like Nepal Telecom. Since very beginning of education result system Nepal Telecom (NT) creates a mirror server for NEB. You can check your result from

Get Result with Grade Sheet?

You need your grade sheet as well? Well not a problem because you will get it with one click. Using the service provided by Nepal Telecom at you can get it as easy as pie.

To get your NEB Result, you will need your symbol number and date of birth. You can easily get these details from your exam entrance card. Once you have you card in your hand follow these steps.

  • Logon to
  • Enter your symbol number
  • Enter your Date of birth
  • Click submit

That’s it, your grade sheet will appear if entered values are correct. You can download your grade sheet and print it right away.