NEB Class 11 result 2077 2020

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Class 11 result 2077, this is the result of National Education board Nepal. As you know, NEB Class 11 result outcome is compulsory annually. This result is for you if you attend the examinations on 2076. We all know that NEB regulates examinations yearly for class 11. This includes all faculties i.e. Science, Management, Education, arts and so on.

Before identified as HSEB i.e. Higher Secondary Examination Board, is now NEB. Thus, you’ll get your result marked as NEB result 2077. Since, the formation of NEB your results are on a grading basis. This grading system helps you get your result of grade XI 2077 on alphabetic grade rule i.e. A, B+, B, C and so on.

HSEB NEB class XI result 2077 2020

You can get your NEB result with reference to your examination symbol number. Symbol number is on your entrance card. Usually your symbol number is a unique number assigned only to you. For example, 10187364 can be your symbol number.

NEBClass 11 result 2077

Thus, if you want to check your NEB grade 11 result 2077, you’ll need your symbol number along with your Date of Birth. You will get your result only after submitting valid symbol number and date of birth. Matching with your NEB exam records.

Check NEB Grade XI result 2076 2077 2020

Now you must be curious about How to check Result 2077. As we have already discussed bout requirements for symbol number and date of birth. Let’s now discuss about the methods for checking your NEB class 11 result 2077, which was earlier this year.

WEB Method

  • Logon to
  • Fill in the boxes with corresponding values
  • Symbol Number
  • Date of Birth
  • Click on submit

IVR Method

  • Dial 1601 using Landline phone

After performing above mentioned methods, you will get your NEB Class 11 Result 2076 2077. I recommend you to use the web method because you will get grade sheet also. Whereas with IVR system you need to follow instructions of telephone operator.


Your class 11 exams was taken late because of COVID-19. As the exam was held late, the board is preparing your result as soon as possible. Please stay connected with us via Facebook page.

You can get your class 11 result 2077 from us. Stay connected with us.

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