EDV Result 2022 is here, if you are registered in DV lottery check yours now. As you know, this lottery was open from October 2, 2021 till November 5,2021. You can check your entrant status now using your conformation number.

History of EDV lottery Nepal

EDV lottery means, Electronic Diversity Visa lottery. This lottery is issued by the United States of America. Main purpose of this lottery is to make US diversified, by fulfilling population from different countries.

All of the EDV lottery program is managed by the Bureau of Consular Affairs, U.S. Department of State. Many 3rd countries including Nepal is illegible for this lottery.

Talking about EDV lottery result 2022, this is annual outcome of lottery entries. Every year US opens this lottery and later result is published. You can check result from dvlottery.state.gov the official webpage of Bureau of Consular Affairs, U.S.

How to check EDV Result 2022?

Now let’s discuss on how you can check your EDV Result 2022? The web page to check your result is very simple and user-friendly. All you’ll need is your confirmation number and few other personal details.

You can get your confirmation number from the saved page after you filled the lottery application between Oct 2, 219 and Nov 5, 2019. Your confirmation number looks like 20227O2ECYZH29QQ. If your starting four digits are 2021 then, you have applied for EDV lottery 2021.

Method to check 2022 result is same as previous year. Follow these steps to check your status for EDV result 2022:

  • Log on to dvlottery.state.gov/ESC/
  • Fill the form with required data:
    • Confirmation Number
    • Last Name
    • Year of Birth
    • Authentication code as shown on webpage
  • Click on submit
EDV Result 2021, DV lottery

After you click on submit, you’ll get information about your selection for further processing. If you get prompt like ‘you have been selected for further processing’ it means you have been selected.

There are total of three stages even after selection. Therefore, I will like to suggest you not to be very hopeful if you are selected on the first stage. Keep patience until your visa is confirmed.

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